KeyApps 1.3.6 for DOORS

KeyApps™ for DOORS is a collection of useful DXL utilities (or "Apps"), each designed to carry out a specific DOORS task, such as copying views across modules, searching the database, or converting attributes. All Apps use consistent user interface elements and principles, making it easy for users to become familiar with the collection. Each App comes with a help page clearly detailing the what the App does and how to use it

The deployment of KeyApps allows both control and flexibly: an Apps Manager function lets you decide which Apps are made available for your DOORS installation and to set access permissions for users

Basic installation and configuration instuctions can be found in the readme file


for DOORS 9.1 to 9.7

File: KeyApps_1_3_6_IBM.msi

Format: Windows Installer Package

Size: 17.0 MB - Date: 21 Sep 2020


for DOORS 9.1 to 9.7

File: KeyApps 1_3_6_readme

Format: HTML

Size: 21 KB - Date: 21 Sep 2020

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